Past Performance

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) (Code 200) Support

i-Mazing, as the prime contractor to MARMC,  provides database management and coordination support for MARMC Fleet, CNRMC, and TYCOM fleet programs, and initiatives.  Specific support areas include Tech Assist, Assessments & Scheduling (TAAS); Submarine Technical Assistance, Assessment & Reporting System (STAARS); Ship Technical Reporting Information Projection Execution Systems (STRIPES); Engineering Business Database; Engineering Service Requests; Alteration Installation Teams; Budget Modules; Workload Forecast Modules; Quality Assurance; Training & Personnel Tracker; Database Management; Technical Competency Health Assessment Database; Business Objects Server & Interface Management; Fleet Technical Assist & CASREP Management / Oversight; Operations Center Functions Management / Oversight; Fleet Scheduling.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) (Code 210) Support

i-Mazing, as a subcontractor to Amentum, provides programmatic, assessment, technical, logistics, and engineering services. i-Mazing provides systems analysis for the Discrepancy Documentation Tool (DDT) requiring expertise in Microsoft Access, Structured Query Language (SQL), Visual Basic for Application (VBA), and the full suite of 3-M Systems (PMS, CSMP, OARS, COSAL, and SHIPALT).

Naval Air Warfare Center – Training Services Division (NAWC-TSD) Sailor 2025 Support

i-Mazing, as a subcontractor to Avatar Partners, provides strategic solutions for Sailor 2025 and Ready Relevant Learning.  i-Mazing has designed and developed the web application WODIN in support of RRL content modernization. This web application assists analysts in the performance of data collection workshops which reduces data redundancy, minimizes data entry errors, and standardizes the data collection process. The WODIN application consists of two parts – a web application and a desktop application. The web application is built using the Microsoft .Net Core framework and operates within the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud platform application boundary. This provides government compliant data security and high performance for the application. The desktop application is a standalone Microsoft .Net Core application that does not require installation on a local machine and synchronizes its data with the cloud version when an internet connection is detected.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) Division Support

i-Mazing, as a subcontractor to AECOM (now Amentum), provides web application and data management support to the Tech Assist, Assessments, & Scheduling (TAAS); Submarine Technical Assistance, Assessment, & Reporting System (STAARS); and the Ship Technical Reporting Information Projection Execution System (STRIPES) reporting systems.