Prime Contracts

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) C200 Engineering Programmatic and Assessment Support Contract (N50054-19-D-3001)






  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) C210 Engineering Support Division – subcontractor to Amentum. Subcontract #N50054-19-F-3001
  • Naval Air Warfare Center – Technical Services Division Sailor 2025 and Ready Relevant Learning Application Development – subcontractor to Avatar Partners.  Subcontract #FA807514-14-D-0018, Task Order D-8089-S2
  • Technical, Process, and Programmatic Support for the Integration of Logistics Products (NSWC Philly Code 311) – Subcontractor to McKean Defense. Subcontract #N64498-20-D-0007
  • Prime Contract #N00024-21-D-4114. Subcontractor to Huntington Ingalls Industries in support of the Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, NAVSEA HQ’s requirement for Carrier Engineering Maintenance Assist Team (CEMAT).

Team Members

i-Mazing has teaming partners with years of government contracting experience in engineering, logistics, information technology, supply chain management in various large and small business socio-economic categories.  Together we provide clients with exceptional program support to handle their most critical issues – collaborating to achieve the most effective and cost savings solutions.








i-Mazing has been serving the Department of the Navy since 2002 with agile development methodologies and usable solutions to their program management, data analysis, web application, budgeting, and database management needs.Our main clients include the Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center in Norfolk, Virginia and the Naval Air Warfare Center – Technical Services Division in Orlando, Florida.







Corporate Experience

i-Mazing has past performance encompassing program management, database management, data analytics, data processing, application development, financial analysis, technical writing, and logistics.








DFARS Compliance –  NIST SP 800-171 Standard

DOD, through the introduction of DFARS 252.204-7012 has developed a new requirement for their industrial supply chain companies to develop and implement Management Systems to Safeguard Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting. i-Mazing has completed Phase 1 of NIST Compliance which was accomplished with partnering with Tiber Creek, a cybersecurity company certified to conduct compliance studies.  Phase 1 consisted of an assessment of current cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  Phase 1 compliance was completed on July 16, 2020.

Currently, i-Mazing is working with Tiber Creek for Phase 2 of the assessment which includes On-Going System Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation, Penetration Testing, Network Architecture Review and Reconfiguration, Company Staff Security Training, and Support for developing a complete Cybersecurity Plan (including policy and governance).  Completion of Phase 2 is estimated for early 2021 which will bring the company closer to CMMC Level 3 certification.

Quality Assurance

Integral parts of i-Mazing’s Quality Management System (QMS) are the Quality Manual and Quality Procedures (QP’s) for the close, consistent monitoring of work quality. The company’s Quality Manual provides the framework for on-time, in-cost delivery of quality products. In addition, we use proven Process Controls, Work Procedures, and cost-effective subcontractor coordination and control procedures, as applicable, to accomplish any awarded contract / delivery orders.

The i-Mazing Compliance Director, supported by a designated Quality Manager, has the authority and responsibility for implementation of the quality management system, and periodically updates our process controls and work procedures to reflect corporate best practices. For each assigned task, a Quality Work Plan is developed in order to execute the task defined by the contract requirements.

Each individual Quality Work Plan is a stand-alone document describing, in time-sequential format, individual work steps, and inspection/validation checkpoints. Our Quality Work Plan includes generally required quality control documents as well as those unique to each deliverable to ensure/verify the accuracy and completeness of each task.