We have achieved many things

Continuous support to the US Navy since 2002

i-Mazing has been dedicated to supporting the United States Navy since our founding in 2002. From …. to …, i-Mazing has been with the Navy every step of the way.

SeaPort-e Prime Contract

i-Mazing currently holds the Prime position of the SeaPort-e contract. Not only do we (blank), but we also have the opportunity to (blank).

Subject Matter Experts in database design, reporting, software development and information security

With a varied team of professionals, there is no limit to what i-Mazing can achieve. From designing a database for your company to building a website and even to helping you guard your business’s information more securely, i-Mazing is there to help.

Prime Contract with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC).

I-Mazing has recently won a prime contract with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC). This gives i-Mazing to opportunity to not only continue servicingĀ